A Foodie's Guide to Toronto

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

It's a great idea to plan your trip in Toronto around the many restaurants this world-class foodie destination has to offer.

Toronto is a foodie's dream come true. It's a great example of a world-class city that has plenty of diversity and with that brings the best foods for you to eat during your trip.

These were my favorite restaurants to eat at in Toronto (in no particular ranking).

Poutine in Toronto is a must.

1. Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

If you visit Toronto you need to make sure you plan a stop in the Distillery District. If you are visiting during the late Fall to Christmas season, you will be happy to find that the Toronto Christmas Market will be in full-effect.

One of the types of foods you should try while in Canada is poutine. I highly recommend going to Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie. The service is very good and the decorations and layout of the entire restaurant are nice to look at.

The highlight dish is their Coq Au Vin Poutine (which is very shareable and I do recommend sharing it!). It comes out in a hot black bowl which keeps the cheese oozingly perfect. I really like this poutine compared to others I have due to the high-quality ingredients they used like the organic red wine braised chicken, sautéed mushroom & bacon, St. Albert cheese curds and the diced carrots. Oh their cocktails are very good too!

Becareful when you bite into this chicken...it's OILY HOT.

2. Hot-Star Large Chicken

Yes you can find some Taiwan night market food in Toronto. The Hot-Star Large Chicken off of Yonge Street serves up a very popular Taiwanese-style large chicken. There are several varieties, but it's best to just stick with original recipe and add a little spice to it. Be very careful when you take a bite into it because it's fresh out of the hot oil and you can burn your tongue if you aren't careful. It's a great treat to eat especially during the cold winter months.

This is called Lobster Mountain for good reason.

3. Fishman Lobster Clubhouse

No, you don't need a membership to join Fishman Lobster Clubhouse. Yes, you definitely need to come eat here if you love all things lobster and crab. This place is totally awesome to eat at. From the entire restaurant set-up which consists of plenty of fish tanks full of lobster and crab, to the giant cognac display and the elegant wines to the food, this place sets the bar very high.

If you are just visiting Toronto you need to go all-out and order the combo that comes with two lobsters and a giant king crab. They will bring out the crustaceans for a quick inspection and photo-op to share on social media, then you will patiently wait as they bring out dish after delicious dish. The Lobster Tower and the King Crab Jenga are very Instagramable, you'll make your followers drool!

Miang Kung betel leaf wrap is very hard to find outside of Thailand.

4. PAI Northern Thai Kitchen

If you're looking for a very unique Thai restaurant, you've come to the right place if you go to this very popular spot. PAI Northern Thai Kitchen is a hip blend of cool staff and one-of-a-kind Thai food that is hard to find outside of Thailand itself.

The Miang Kung betel leaf wraps are very good. They are very hard to find and we're lucky that this place has it on the menu. I also really enjoyed the Pad Gra Prow, which is their take on Thai Basil (ground chicken, pork, beef or tofu). If you like your food spicy, you'll be able to choose between five levels of spice, which range from zero spice (mai phet) to "like being in Thailand" super spicy.

Hot, bubbly, oozing oysters, who wants some?

5. Kinka Izakaya

If you are in search of a very fun Japanese restaurant, look no further than Kinka Izakaya in Toronto. Here you'll find a club-like atmosphere with the latest dance and hip hop music (you are in Toronto home of Drake, Tory Lanez and NAV) plus some very good baked oysters. The oysters come out sizzling out and they are pre-cut so you won't have to use a knife to enjoy this very satisfying dish. If you like sake, you need to try their Bamboo Sake, which is served in yup, you guessed it bamboo! Heck even the cups are bamboo and they aren't cheap with the amount of sake either. This is a very fun place to eat especially if you have a big group of people.

Good ole' fashioned bacon, sausage, ham and eggs to start your day.

6. Evviva Breakfast and Lunch

Evviva was actually the very first place my wife and I ate at after we touched down in Toronto. Our good friends who recently traveled to Canada in the summer, recommended grabbing breakfast here. I made a reservation a couple weeks in advance (you'll notice that many restaurants in Toronto offer reservation through their websites) because this place seemed to have many reviews and is popular.

We found our reserved table by the window where we could see the CN Tower, which is close by. We shared a simple breakfast plate of bacon, sausage, ham and eggs. The coffee seemed endless to our satisfaction and our server was super kind and attentive. This is a very good place to eat breakfast.

Chinese comfort food: roast duck, won ton, noodle soup.

7. Goldstone Noodle Restaurant

If you have a craving for Chinese roast duck + dumplings + noodles, then you should by this comfort food restaurant in Chinatown. The prices at Goldstone Noodle Restaurant are very good and you get a lot of food. I recommend the roast duck, won ton soup which is perfect for any meal, any time of the day.


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