Easy Air Fryer Hamachi Kama Recipe

Updated: Apr 15

Use this recipe to make a very quick, easy and healthy hamachi kama meal!

Air Fryer Hamachi Kama. (Photo by Digital Nomad Foodie)

I love eating hamachi kama whether it's at a local Japanese restaurant, in Tokyo or at home. It's my favorite part of the yellow tail tuna because it's very fatty and has a lot of meat. It's also very easy to eat since the meat can be pulled and picked at with ease using chop sticks or a fork.

I also like to keep a clean space while I cook with as little mess as possible. That's why I like using an air fryer (also known as a convection oven), which you can buy at many stores or on Amazon. They don't cost very much. I got mine for about $50 on Amazon. You can get a digital one or manual twist dial version which is the kind I have.


-Hamachi Kama (from your local Japanese market)


-Olive Oil

-Soy Sauce (I use low-sodium soy sauce) - 1 tablespoon

-Yuzu Juice (from your local Japanese market) - 1 teaspoon

-Cabbage leaves (as garnish)


1. Rinse the hamachi kama with cold water, then pat dry with a paper towel.

2. Place a section of foil into the air fryer, then spread some olive oil on the foil.

3. Place the hamachi kama onto foil, you can even spread some olive oil on the hamachi kama too.

4. Cook the hamachi kama at 450 degrees for about 25 minutes.

5. In the meantime, slice your lemon into quarters (this will be used as a garnish and to squeeze the juice onto the cooked hamachi kama)

6. In a small sauce dish, mix soy sauce with yuzu juice.

7. Place cabbage leaves on a plate.

8. When hamachi kama is cooked, place on cabbage leaves on plate along with small sauce dish and lemon slice, then take a photo to share with your friends!

9. Enjoy!

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