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I took Lime to vote, here's my review of what happened.

On November 6th, 2018, the 2018 mid term elections in the United States took place across the nation. Lime provided free rides to the voting polls. Here's my review of how it worked out.


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Please use my referral code:


2018 United States Mid-Term Elections

Yesterday, on November 6th, 2018, we had the mid term elections for congress. Lime was nice enough to offer free 30 minute rides to the polls.

The LIME2VOTE18 code was featured on the Lime app and the Lime website a few days before election day.

I took a Lime scooter to my nearest poll station in San Jose, California and here's what I experienced.

Step 1: Open the Lime app and enter the promo code

The first challenge was to find out where to input the LIME2VOTE18 code in the Lime app so you could secure the free Lime scooter ride. I had to open up the Lime app on my Samsung Galaxy S8, then press the profile logo on the top left. From there, I clicked on "Wallet", then click on the "View" button under the "Promos" section. I then saw the "redeem promo" button, which will take you to the screen to add your promo code, which for yesterday was LIME2VOTE18.

I entered LIME2VOTE18 to double check if it was accepted. (Screengrab by Digital Nomad Foodie)

After you enter the code, it's not very clear if the code was accepted or not, so I input the same code again to double check. I knew the code worked when I got a message saying, "This promo can only be redeemed once".

Step 2: Find a Lime scooter

The next step after entering the code into my phone was to find the nearest Lime scooter. Luckily I live in downtown San Jose, where you can literally find a Lime on nearly every street corner or sidewalk, but I did what you readers would do, which is open the Lime app and search for the nearest Lime scooters.

After walking to the nearest Lime scooter, I unlocked it as usual and then rode to my polling station. After I voted, I rode back home and locked the Lime scooter.

Step 3: Check Ride History

After I rode back home and locked the Lime, I checked the "Ride History". To my surprise, I wasn't credited with a free ride even though I entered the LIME2VOTE18 promo code. I was charged $4.05 (original charge was $5.05, minus $1 because of my referral promos, I have $787 worth as of this writing)

"No problem" I thought, since I knew I could easily email: support@limebike.com to dispute the charge. It took longer than usual to hear back from a Lime support team member. The actual time it took from sending the original dispute email to receiving resolution was about 16 hours, still pretty good, but not as fast I've had in the past where it was almost immediate resolution.

The reason why I was charged for the ride, even though I was supposed to get a FREE 30 minute ride for using a Lime scooter to vote yesterday was explained to me in the screen grab below:

The Lime support explanation of why I was charged. (Screengrab by Digital Nomad Foodie)

What stood out in the email was, "Please note in the future that coupons apply in order starting from the older ones, so your older coupons will apply first."

Remember, I did mention above that I currently have $787 of promo credit. The only downside of the those credits is they only apply to the $1 unlocking fee, not the actual ride. So those credits aren't worth that much.

The good news is that I was refunded back my $4.05.

Was it worth it? Yeah, in the end it was worth the effort. If you didn't have any Lime promos, then you would have gotten a free 30 minute Lime scooter ride to the voting polls yesterday. Overall, I am satisfied with the explanation and the reimbursement of the charge by Lime support.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments from your own experience using Lime electric scooters yesterday to vote in the 2018 mid term elections, please feel free to comment below.


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