Instant Pot Korean Ox Tail Soup Recipe

Using an Instant Pot will save a lot of time and effort when making this hearty Korean ox tail soup recipe for you and your family.

Instant Pot Ox Tail Soup. (Photo by Digital Nomad Foodie)

One of my favorite soups in the world is Korean Ox Tail Soup. It's a very hearty meal that will make nearly anyone salivate and eat more than they anticipated. I like using the Instant Pot due to the pressure cooking it does to soften up the bones in much less time (about 2 hours) then you would by boiling for hours and hours.

It's a very easy meal to make for you, your friends and/or your family. Just read below on what ingredients to gather and how to quickly cook this very satisfying meal.

I also like to keep a clean space while I cook with as little mess as possible. That's why I like using the Instant Pot (also known as a pressure cooker), which you can buy at many stores or on Amazon. They don't cost very much. I got mine as a gift from my neighbors. The same make and model cost $99 on Amazon.


-Ox Tails (at least 2 lbs and up to 5 lbs)

-Daikon Root

-Yellow Onion


-Hondashi Powder (1 to 2 tablespoons)


-Rice Cakes (optional)


1. Boil the ox tails in a pot to remove the scum, do not boil too long. Just boil long enough to remove the scum that rises to the top of the water.

2. Remove the ox tails from boiled water and place into a colander basket. Save the boiled water.

3. Skin daikon root and cut into 1/4" slices, then place into Instant Pot.

4. Cut yellow onion in quarters, then place into Instant Pot.

5. Add garlic (as much as you like) into the Instant Pot.

6. Add hondashi powder into the Instant Pot.

7. Carefully place the ox tails into the Instant Pot.

8. Pour the boiled water into the Instant Pot.

9. Close and seal the Instant Pot, ensuring that the the toggle on top of the lid is set to "Sealing"

10. Press the "Poultry" button, then go relax until you hear the beep.

11. You can either manually release the pressure OR you can continue waiting and let the Instant Pot naturally release the pressure. The total time after pressing the "Poultry" button to releasing the pressure should be around 2 hours.

12. Open the Instant Pot after pressure is released, then serve ox tail with kimchi and rice (or rice cakes) in a bowl.

13. Enjoy!

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