Looking for Delicious Authentic Vietnamese Food in Adelaide? Look No Further than Khang's Noodles

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

If you are a lover of delicious authentic Vietnamese food and live in (or plan to visit) Adelaide, South Australia you need to continue reading.

A hot bowl of Khang's delicious pho.

Khang's Noodles also known as Pho Khang's has been owned and operated (for 17 years) by both Khang and his lovely wife Diep in two locations in Adelaide, South Australia.

I was fortunate enough to already have been friends with Khang's father whom I met through my wife's close friend.

So, on a recent journey to the land down under, I finally had a chance to meet Khang and his awesome family for the first time and eat at both of their restaurants.

Adelaide, South Australia

Before I jump into the good stuff about the food, I should explain to you where Adelaide is. If you were like me and have never heard of Australia's 5th most populated city in South Australia well I'm happy to introduce you to it!

Adelaide has a steadily growing population of 1,225,235 people. It's the biggest city in South Australia. South Australia in case you didn't know is a haven for world-famous wineries, mostly which are located in the Barossa Valley.

The temperate weather (at least when I was visiting in the late Spring) provided the perfect environment for the wines. South Australia reminded me a lot of my home, which is the San Francisco Bay Area.

There is a decent-sized Vietnamese-Australian population in Adelaide. Khang is of Vietnamese decent and his restaurants specialize in Vietnamese food.

Vietnamese food is one of my favorite types of food (along with Korean food). I can eat it all day, everyday, which I almost do by being spoiled by my wife's cooking (yes, she's Vietnamese too). So when I was able to eat at his restaurants I was excited and couldn't wait to say the least.

Exterior view of Khang's Noodles located in Kilkenny, a north-western suburb in Adelaide.

Khang's Noodles in Kilkenny

The first restaurant (his orginal) was at Khang's Noodles located in Kilkenny, a north-western suburb in Adelaide. It was a beautiful Wednesday evening when I arrived at the restaurant, after having just flown in from spending some time in Sydney.

Please note that normally his restaurants are closed on Wednesdays, we just got lucky since Khang's Noodles was open that day.

His original restaurant is big and can serve many hungry customers. It's a wide open space that faces towards the South Australian sunset. It feels like it has good Feng Shui and it must be because the food I am about to describe and show you by my photos was amazing.

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Khang's Chim Cut Chien Bo (Deep Fried Quail in Butter).

Khang's Chim Cut Chien Bo (Deep Fried Quail in Butter)

The very first item I ate was a fried-quail dish called Chim Cut Chien Bo. This sweet and crispy dish is commonly found as street food in Vietnam, which you can read about here. If you enjoy small game and love slightly sweet and crispy (non-battered deep-fried in butter) food, then you will love this deep-fried quail dish that Khang serves. I could eat 3 or 4 of these crispy little birds if I could, but I wanted to save room for his other dishes.

Khang's Banh Trang Tron (Rice Paper Salad).

Khang's Banh Trang Tron (Rice Paper Salad)

Before we talk about Khang's pho, I was surprised with another main-stay Vietnamese street food dish called, Banh Trang Tron. I talk about personally experiencing this in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) here. This translates to rice paper salad and it's also commonly found around Vietnam mostly sold from a small cart pulled by a motorcycle or scooter.

Khang serves banh trang tron in the traditional Vietnamese street food style (minus the plastic bag it's eaten out of back in Vietnam). I enjoyed the chewiness of the thinly sliced and slightly moist rice paper along with the herbs, julienned mango, roasted peanuts, fried onions, boiled quail eggs and the dressing.

The end product is a very fun food to eat with all of it's simplicity in appearance, but attention-to-detail in preparation. If you haven't tried it before, go grab some at Khang's Noodles and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Khang's Pho

The pho which Khang served that day was made with fresh, premium Northern Vietnamese noodles (gluten-free). They are flat in appearance and soft in texture.

All of the noodles used in Vietnamese food is made from rice. So if you love rice, you'll love Vietnamese noodles. The broth is another key element of a great bowl of pho.

The broth which is based from beef bones (at least for Pho Bo or beef pho, there's also Pho Ga or chicken pho) is boiled for hours and hours. The base flavor of pho broth comes from the bone marrow inside the bones and if you didn't know there are also a number of health benefits from drinking bone broth.

A chopstick full of fresh noodles, herbs and Australian beef from Khang's pho.

There are also a number of other in-house secrets such as the right amount of herbs, spices and vegetables that make Khang's pho a mouth-watering bowl that you can't wait to taste and fill your hungry stomach up.

I really enjoyed my bowl of pho and to top it off, since we were in Australia, you know they had the best beef in the world in their pho - Australian beef. I was totally satisfied with Khang's delicious authentic Vietnamese dishes at his original restaurant.

Exterior view of Pho Khang's located in Parafield Gardens, a northern suburb in Adelaide.

Pho Khang's in Parafield Gardens

On my second visit, the very next day I was able to eat at his new restaurant, Pho Khang's, which is located in Parafield Gardens, a northern suburb in Adelaide. I'm sure all the neighbors are super-happy that Khang opened up shop in their neck of the woods, but I would bet that the students who attend the aviation school nearby would be the happiest because it's so close to campus and is only a 5 minute drive for them.

Colorful interior view of Pho Khang's.

This red-bricked restaurant with it's colorful ceiling and elongated mirror that runs parallel to one edge of the building has a nice hip vibe to it.

I liked the different layout and details I noticed like the bright teal chair-legs and big open kitchen. There are also more tables that wrap around the back.

Khang's spicy and delicious Bun Bo Hue.

Khang's Bun Bo Hue

The noodles of the day or I should say dish of the day was another fantastic Vietnamese soup called, Bun Bo Hue (Spicy Beef Noodle - from the Hue region in Vietnam).

This is a special soup that has a certain aura about it. Maybe it's the pork blood cakes or maybe it's the different type of noodle used in it.

The noodle I am referring to is similar to udon noodle. It's cylindrical in shape and much thicker than the noodles used in both pho and bun rieu.

What made Khang's bun bo hue stick out to me was not only the rich flavor they used, but also the extra side of thinly sliced ox-tail you can order. I came back again on my third visit to enjoy one more bowl of Khang's bun bo hue.

This version of Khang's Bun Bo Hue features thinly sliced ox-tail.

Spicy beef noodle Bun Bo Hue inside Pho Khang's.

Khang's Bun Rieu

My fourth and final meal at Pho Khang's before leaving Adelaide was another delicious noodle-based Vietnamese dish called, Bun Rieu (Vermicelli in Minced Crab Soup).

Bun Rieu is my all-time favorite Vietnamese soup. I just love all the flavors it provides especially the main ingredient, which is fresh water crab meat.

The bun rieu at Khang's is definitely authentic, "100% Vietnamese-approved", says my picky wife.

Khang's Bun Rieu, my all-time favorite Vietnamese soup.

I was sweating so much eating this soup because you can add fresh chili peppers, but even with all the perspiration dripping down my head, I could not stop eating until there was nothing left.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'm a little jealous that anyone who lives nearby Pho Khang's gets to eat this as much as they want. I'd be there a lot, which brings me to the next point.

The best compliment you can give to a chef.

Out of genuine respect you should never ask a chef what their recipes are, so let's all keep his secret broth shrouded in mystery.

The most important message for you to take away from this review is that his bun rieu completed the perfect trifecta of all the Vietnamese noodle soups I craved and ate at both of his restaurants.

Screenshot of Khang's Noodles from the Uber Eats app.

Go Eat at Khang's Restaurants or Order Delivery using Uber Eats

If you live in Adelaide and haven't eaten at any of Khang's restaurants, you are missing out so go try their food mate!

Also, there are no excuses regarding traffic or parking because Khang now has his food delivered right to your door step when you download and use the Uber Eats app on your smartphone.

Please comment below on your own experience eating at any of Khang's restaurants because I would love to hear them!


Khang's Noodles

10 Arndale Street

Kilkenny, South Australia 5009

Trading Hours (Thursday to Tuesday - 10AM to 9PM)


Open Public Holidays

Phone: 8244 6694



Pho Khang's

Shop 4 & 5

57 Andrew Smith Drive

Parafield Gardens, South Australia 5107

Trading Hours (Thursday to Tuesday - 10AM to 9PM)


Open Public Holidays

Phone: 8281 2993



Try Khang's Noodles on UberEATS — save with my code.

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