My experience riding Lime scooters in Paris and what you should expect (Updated 1-18-20)

Updated: Jan 18

San Francisco Bay Area company Lime recently debuted their popular and fun electric scooters to the City of Light to kick-off summer 2018 and they are still widely used in 2020.

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Lime scooters in Paris, France. (Photo by Digital Nomad Foodie)

Lime debuts in Paris

After launching their electric scooters (Lime-S) starting in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2018, Lime has officially went global.

Although Paris wasn't their first European city venture to experiment with the electric scooters, this was their major splash into one of the world's most trendy cities.

According to various news outlets like TechCrunch and Fortune, this is a very big deal to launch in France.

They are the first of the major electric scooter rental companies to do so, but now $2 billion company Bird has also put 100 of it's scooters in Paris. It's now an international scooter war!

Me on a Lime scooter in Paris. (Photo by Digital Nomad Foodie)


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My experience riding Lime scooters in Paris

When my wife and I first heard that Lime deployed their scooters in Paris we were super-excited to try them out. We usually rent a scooter (think Vespa) during our trips abroad, but the Lime scooters were a cheaper option after a quick Google search in Paris which could cost about 75 euro a day for a 125cc scooter.

To use the Lime scooters in Paris, you need to first download their app, which you can do here (and you will save $3 using my referral code).

After you do that, launch the app and connect a credit card. I highly recommend connecting your credit card safely in the security of your hotel room before doing it out on the streets. This will prevent you from fumbling around with your wallet in public, while you are distracted.

When you open the app, it's very to use. You'll see a map of Paris and to locate a Lime scooter, just scan and look for a green scooter icon.

A screenshot of the Lime app in Paris. (Screenshot by Digital Nomad Foodie)

What's cool about this app is that you can also see the battery life in each Lime scooter.

It took quite some time for my wife and I to find Lime scooters that worked. I think some technical glitches were being worked out after the first day because every time we found one we got an error.

There used to be limited supply of Lime scooters in Paris. It's been reported that there were initially only 200 of them on the streets, but after visiting in late December 2019 you'll see much more available to use.

Best place to find Lime scooters in Paris

The best place to grab a Lime scooter are in the tourist areas such as the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and along the Seine River. Actually, Lime has now limited where you can actually park Lime scooter, so it's best to just use the Lime app to locate your scooter. When I tried recently, I did not see any Lime scooters appear along the Seine River using their app.

If you are new to the electric scooter craze, please keep in mind that once you end your ride, that scooter will show up as an available scooter for anyone to use. So your strategy should be to ride around and if you do decide to end your ride, expect your trip to be a one-way trip.

Place de la Bastille roundabout in Paris. (Photo by Digital Nomad Foodie)

Use with caution

The streets of Paris consists of asphalt and cobblestones. Be very careful while riding the Lime scooters on the cobblestone streets because they will be very hard control due to the bumps and vibrations.

We learned this the hard way while maneuvering around the Bastille roundabout (Place de la Bastille) which connects the in the 4th, 11th and 12th Arrondissements while heading for lunch at Le Chalet Savoyard.

The citizens of Paris are now used to seeing Lime scooters in their beautiful city, so you won't get a lot of attention while cruising around, unless you stop mid-ride and look at your iPhone to see what direction you are going. Be smart and pull over in a safe area if you decide to look at your smartphone. Be careful navigating traffic and use common sense like hugging the curb and using motorcycle and bike lanes whenever possible.

Screenshot of Lime receipt. (Screenshot by Digital Nomad Foodie)

How much does it cost?

Back home in San Jose, California, Lime scooters cost $1 to start and 15 cents per minute thereafter. It costs the same amount here in Paris as seen above on screenshot of my recent ride. After a 39 minute ride covering 2.7 miles, I ended up only paying $7 USD, but I also saved $1 using a referral coupon for a total of only $6 USD.

If you are using euro as your primary currency, then you'll pay one euro to start.

Please enjoy your experience riding Lime electric scooters in Paris. They offer you another transportation alternative, which is very helpful and convenient. If you want to learn more about Lime scooters, please read my original blog post here.


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