Priority Pass Review: Minute Suites - Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

I recently traveled through the Dallas/Forth Worth Airport and checked out one of Priority Pass's partners the - Minute Suites in Terminal D, here's what you should expect.

The entrance to Minute Suites in Terminal D at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. (Photo by Digital Nomad Foodie)

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You have options using your Priority Pass

If you are planning or currently traveling through DFW airport, you'll gladly notice after opening the Priority Pass app that you indeed have three options. There's The Club at DFW and two Minute Suites, one each located in Terminal's A and D.

I was able to check out the Minute Suites on Terminal D on a recent trip to Dallas, while visiting my wife's hometown and her family. After a great core memory-building, but quick trip we were dropped off by my brother-in-law and his husband at DFW.

Minute Suites in Terminal D at DFW

After passing through TSA, our focus was on finding our objective: Minute Suites in Terminal D.

First off, please don't have very high expectations especially if you've experienced other Priority Pass partners in other airports like Portland, San Jose (California) or Sydney. If you do, you'll be somewhat disappointed. The best part about it is that you at least have somewhere to escape the busy terminals.

Check in was pretty fast and easy. Just show your Priority Pass card, swipe then sign as normal.

After a very quick orientation, you'll walk down the small hallway and be shown your "suite". As you walk inside, you'll see how tiny of a space it is, but it's enough to fit your luggage and yes there is space for two people.

Inside the "suite", Chanel bags not included. (Photo by Digital Nomad Foodie)

You'll see a small couch, desk and a T.V. with a total space of about 50 square feet. There is no bathroom in this room and there isn't one in Minute Suites, so you'll have to use the Terminal D bathrooms, which is a bummer in my opinion. There's also no food or drinks, if you want those you'll need to purchase them.

As far as time, you're restricted to only 60 free minutes, which is part of the benefit of having a Priority Pass. So if you want to stay longer you'll have to pay $28 per hour after your free hour has expired and you could technically stay up to 24 hours if you needed to according to Minute Suites.


If you are traveling through DFW you do have some options as a Priority Pass member. If you decide to check out Minute Suites, you get one free hour and then it's $28 per hour afterwards up to 24 hours. I wouldn't do that because it might be much more cost effective to rent a cheap hotel room. The only benefit is that you at least have a quiet space to recharge your electronic devices and to take a quick power nap. I'd still take that over waiting in a busy terminal any day!


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