Priority Pass Review: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, Australia

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

If you are traveling out of Sydney, Australia and have a Priority Pass card, you should take advantage of all the available restaurants and lounge at this great airport.

Use your Priority Pass card at Sydney Kingsford Smith airport. (Photo by Digital Nomad Foodie)

Your Priority Pass is maximized in Sydney Kingsford Smith airport

If you are traveling in and out of the Sydney Kingsford Smith airport and have a Priority Pass card either through subscribing directly with Priority Pass or have the Priority Pass Select card because you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve, Citi Prestige or American Express Platinum credit card then you should definitely take advantage of the many benefits.

There are seven restaurants and one lounge

When my wife and I recently took a long vacation traveling all over Australia, we always check to see which airports have Priority Pass lounges or restaurants. You are probably doing the same now by reading this blog post. Smart move.

Terminal 1 currently has three options for you: Better Burger, Mach2 and Peroni Bar.

We only tried Mach2, but since it was so welcoming and not too crowded we went TWICE. Since we both have a Priority Pass card, we each got $36 AUD (Australian Dollars) worth of credit to use on food and drinks.

The food is very good here (as seen from the photos above), we tried their Signature Mach2 Breakfast, which is consists of free range eggs, house made sausage and veggies with coffee; the Salmon and Ricotta; and the Minute Steak & Fried Egg.

Quick note, before you are seated please let your hostess or host that you will be using the Priority Pass card. After finishing your meal, just take your card up to the counter to sign. Simple as that and such a great deal!

If you have enough time before your flight, you should check out the other restaurants and lounge (which wasn't available when we traveled through, so if you checked it out, please comment below and share what your experience was like!).

Terminal 2 at the Sydney airport also has three options for Priority Pass members, they are: Bistro Bar 2020, MoVida and the aforementioned REX Lounge.

My wife and I tried out both Bistro Bar 2020 and MoVida.

Use your Priority Pass card at MoVida inside the Sydney airport. (Photos by Digital Nomad Foodie)

Our first stop was MoVida. We really, really enjoyed this Spanish restaurant. The service was super-friendly and they have some good vinos and raciones (Spanish for a dish meant to be shared). All Priority Pass card holders and their guest can get up to $36 AUD (Australian Dollars) as a credit. This was enough for us to get a big pour of blanco and rosado wine, Eggplant Chips with Pomegranate, Marinated Olives and Pork Cracklings. I wish I would have tried more items from their menu because everything looked so promising, however, we were already pretty full from our first stop at Mach2.

The Bistro 2020 Bar accepts Priority Pass at the Sydney airport. (Photo by Digital Nomad Foodie)

The second stop was Bistro Bar 2020. It's mostly a bar, but I did check out their menu and there was a nice selection of food to include an all day breakfast, burgers, pasta, salad, house favorites and appetizers. By this point I just wanted to drink and enjoyed a nice shot of Johnny Walker Black and couple bottles of water, which of course we used our Priority Pass card to pay for.


To summarize everything, using your Priority Pass card at the Sydney Kingsford Smith airport is a great deal. You get $36 AUD for you and your guest at all the restaurants and you can check out their lounge. So if I were you and you had a lot of time to kill at the airport, you should take advantage of all the free stuff available at your disposal. Oh just in case you wanted to shower before your flight, the REX Lounge does not have showers available, however, I did see restrooms around the airport that had showers for you to use, which is pretty convenient.

I hope this Priority Pass review on the Sydney airport helps you out with your planning. Enjoy your trip! If you have any questions, comments or updates, please share them below.


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