Review: The Fish Company in Reykjavik, Iceland

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Are you in search of an upscale, cozy Icelandic dinner? Look no further than the Fish Company located in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Interior view of the great ambiance the Fish Company in Reykjavik provides.

An Introduction to the Fish Company in Reykjavik

During a recent trip over the Christmas holiday in Iceland, my wife and I were able to enjoy a great dinner at the Fish Company in Reykjavik, which we were looking forward to after a long day spent exploring Iceland.

Open since 2008 in a historic building called the, Zimsen building, the Fish Company occupies the lower-level of the building in the heart of Reykjavik. The Fish Company is fast-approaching it's 10 year anniversary where owner and master chef, Lárus Gunnar Jónasson along with his fantastic team of culinary wizards prepare outstanding Icelandic meals.

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Reserve Ahead of Time

Making a reservation online directly from their website is very easy to do, just fill-in the date, time, number of people and your contact details and hit the "Request Booking" button. You should receive a timely email in a day or two by management confirming your reservation.

Screenshot of the Fish Company reservation page from their website.

Screenshot of confirmation email from the Fish Company in Reykjavik.

As always, it's best to plan well in advance, especially in Reykjavik, which is increasingly becoming a very popular tourist destination by Americans, Europeans and Asian tourists.

My fabulous wife standing in the small courtyard prior to entering the Fish Company.


The location is very easy to find when I used Google Maps. If you are staying in downtown Reykjavik you will be able to easily walk to the restaurant. Get those daily steps in!

As I mentioned in the introduction, the Fish Company is located downstairs in the Zimsen building. Becareful when you walk down the outside steps if you are visiting during the winter months as they can become slippery.

The small bar as you enter the Fish Company.

Inside the Fish Company

As you step inside the dimly-lit restaurant, you will immediately see a few things.

The first is the small bar straight ahead, the second is the board to your right that is plastered with tons of Post-it® Notes and finally the third thing is the coat closet on your left.

Your first instinct might be to go straight to the bar to check-in, but you'll be warmly greeted and reminded to please take off your coat to hang in the closet.

You'll have a chance to write a note and add it to the board before you leave.

Leave a Post-it® Note after you finish dinner.

The cool-looking glowing moose head officially welcomes you to Iceland.

The Interior Design

As we were led to our table, we took an immediate right turn from the bar. We noticed a glowing moose head hanging from the wall that makes you feel like you are officially in Iceland. You'll also notice the running-theme of the entire restaurant, which is ambient lighting and rough walls highlighted with matching fixtures. It makes you feel like you would be eating in a restaurant in a futuristic Game of Thrones episode.

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You just have to admire the details of the interior design inside the Fish Company.

The Menus

After you sit down at your table, you'll have a chance to get comfortable and take a look at both the drink and food menu.

The drykkir/drinks of the evening at the Fish Company: (L) Einstök Pale Ale, (C) Luri Luri, (R) Jack Daniels

They have a decent selection of adult beverages to include: wine, beer, liquor and cocktails. The prices are on the higher end of the scale, which is to be expected.

After you place your order for your drinks, you'll note a couple of set menus, they are:

You aren't required to order from the above set menus, but they do help you familiarize yourself with the various options of delicious food.

My hungry wife checking out the dinner menu.

We were served a great tuna tartare as an appetizer, which was a gift from the kitchen.

We were also served some excellent bread and butter as you can see in the video clip above.

My wife and I opted to order a-la-carte and these are the beautiful items we ordered for dinner:

The Iceland - Celery.

Iceland - Celery

The Iceland - Celery is a "cured icelandic TROUT with SHRIMPS & cucumber, celery salad & apple vinaigrette with MUSSEL emulsion", according to the menu.

It was arranged on a big, light blue plate, which made all of the colors really pop-out. The flavors were amazing! A perfect first dish.

The Scotland - Red Currant.

Scotland - Red Currant

The Scotland - Red Currant is a "seared BREAST OF PTARMIGAN with BACON & foie gras, bubbling ptarmigan bisque & cashew nut with pickled RED CURRANT", according to the menu.

We really enjoyed this protected (in Japan) game bird from the grouse family. I've never had it before, but I can tell you that is was perfectly cooked and went well with the red currant.

The Iceland - Finest Fish (Haddock, Cod and Plaice).

Iceland - Finest Fish

The Iceland - Finest Fish was "straight from the sea, via our old friend the FISHERMAN – Please consult your waiter", according to the menu.

After consulting our waiter and asking what kind of fish would be included with this dish, we found out there were three types of fish: haddock, cod and an interesting flat-fish called plaice.

You can tell that it probably takes perfect timing to cook each fish appropriately. When the dish arrived, it was nice and warm. The fish were topped with a special sauce, pickled shallots, kale and cauliflower.

Very unique dinner plates just adds to the details that flows with the ambiance at the Fish Company.

The Dinner Plates

I should mention the dinner plates because each one was different. They reminded of the types of dishes which you would collect and hang on your wall. After thinking that, my thoughts were confirmed after picking one up and looking at the back which you could see the wall mount.

The dining area at the Fish Company.

All in all, the Fish Company was a wonderful place to celebrate an early Christmas dinner in Reykjavik. It became very busy fast with locals and guests from all over the world.

Please let me know what your experiences were like if you have eaten there in the comments below.

Thank you Fish Company, we had a fantastic time with great memories!

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