Review: USO Arizona at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

If you've ever traveled through Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), then you know first-hand that it's a very busy airport to travel in and out of, but for active-duty military, retirees, disabled veterans and their families there is a respite called the USO Arizona.

USO Arizona at Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl. Airport. (Photo by Digital Nomad Foodie)

USO Arizona inside Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

The USO inside PHX is located on the 2nd level of Terminal 4. It's right behind a set of escalators where there is some construction happening.

There's a bathroom just outside of the USO. It's open all-year round from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

As you walk inside you'll be warmly greeted by USO volunteers. You'll need to show proof of identification such as your Common Access Card aka CAC card or Department of Defense retired or disabled veteran identification card.

Inside the USO Arizona. (Photo by Digital Nomad Foodie)

You'll also need to sign-in using their electronic tablet. If you don't have a USO profile during the sign-in process, you can create one using the tablet. After checking off some information such as verifying if any family is traveling with you and what reason(s) why you decided to check out the USO you'll be able to enter the facility.

If it's your first time at this USO, you will get a quick orientation. As the USO volunteer escorts you around the horseshoe shaped facility, you'll know where you can grab snacks, some light food (sandwiches, microwavable items, etc...), sodas/water and also areas where you can rest, relax and recharge. There's also video games if you bring your kids and also some toys. If you need to use a computer, scanner or printer they also have those capabilities.

It's a small USO, but a tad bit larger than the USO at Las Vegas and much bigger than the USO at Tampa. It does pale in comparison to the San Diego USO though. The bottom line is that the USO Arizona has all the necessities for you while you travel. After going there a couple times, I never saw it crowded which is a plus.

All in all, if you happen to have a Priority Pass membership, you'll soon find out that the lounge at the airport closes very early (at 3:00 PM!) so if you are able to go to this USO, then it beats sitting outside in the crowded terminals.


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