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Updated: Feb 4

If you're visiting Prague for the first time and don't know where to stay, I will show you the perfect place to stay and why.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is an amazing city. It recently declared that it's now the sister city to Taipei, Taiwan. It seems big in name, but in actuality it has a small town vibe. It's located pretty central to Europe. When I went it was only a 2 hour train ride down from Dresden, Germany during Christmas Day!

If you are looking for an affordable European trip and you picked Prague, then you did a great job. This city is very affordable in all aspects: accommodation, food, transportation and entertainment.

Urban Creme located in Prague has very modern rooms such as this. (Photo by Digital Nomad Foodie)

Where you should stay in Prague? Urban Creme

As always, I love using to rack up free nights. Urban Creme is located in a great location in Prague. You're away from the touristy areas, but very close, pretty much within minutes of either walking or taking an Uber. Not only is this hotel very close to all the things you want to see in Prague, but there are a ton of useful places around it.

The hotel itself was a life-saver when I needed to get some laundry done. Just fill out the paperwork detailing what you want washed and they will wash it within a day or two. The only downside to this was that it's very expensive.

There's a fantastic Italian restaurant next door to the hotel called, Amano. As a matter of fact, you can walk into the restaurant using the interior door located by the front desk. They offer a buffet breakfast too, which was very good.

I always like to book places that are convenient in terms of picking up snacks, water, groceries and alcohol. Right across the street on the corner is a liquor store. Next to the liquor store is a Vietnamese pho restaurant in case you were missing some Asian food (it wasn't that great, but it got the job done). Quick note: there are many Vietnamese restaurants in Prague, which was very surprising to learn.

There are also several great restaurants (i.e. La Corte, Cafe Imperial), a barber shop (Barber Shop and Good Time Tattoo), cigar shop (Don Pealo), a grocery store (inside the Florentinum shopping mall) and even a casino nearby.

I personally went to all of the above places to eat tasty meals, got an awesome haircut, picked up some Cuban cigars and grab some water and other groceries to snack on.

Uber's are cheap in Prague! (Screengrab by Digital Nomad Foodie)

If you don't want to walk and get in your daily steps, no problem. Urban Creme is very easy for Uber drivers to find you and also the rides are dirt cheap. I never paid more than $6 USD for a ride!

There's also a public transit stop near the front of the hotel. I used the public transit system once and they way it works is you pay for a time frame to use their services as many times as you want within that time frame. For instance, if you pay for a 30 minute ticket, you can use it to go anywhere within 30 minutes and it's very, very cheap.

The Prague Main Station is also less than 10 minutes away from this hotel.

This city should be on everyone's bucket list because it packs a big punch in terms of it's history, culture and beauty. Why not ensure that during your visit to Prague you are staying in a convenient location? Book your stay at Urban Creme, you'll thank me later for it!


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